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If you need to get away from the noise and traffic of Beirut, this is the perfect hiding place.

Saifi Village is a small but picturesque upscale haven sandwiched between Downtown and Achrafieh, established since 2005 as an art quarter and residential area.


New doors are opening up for Armenian rock singer Eileen Katchadourian, from Beirut, who will soon be performing for an American audience outside of Los Angeles. Little by little she is realizing her dream and going out of Lebanon.


Khaled Mouzanar, 38, a Lebanese musician, composer and producer, is the well-known author of several movie soundtracks, including Beirut aftershave (which won the Cesar for Best Short Film at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival), Caramel (Best Soundtrack - UCMF Cannes 2008), or Where do we go now? (Best Film at the International Film Festival in Stockholm 2011).

But Khaled Mouzanar is also the composer and interpreter of French songs. His first solo album, Dans les Champs arides, was released in 2008 by Naive, where he performed his own songs, encountered a true success among connoisseurs. In his studio in Achrafieh, close from his home, Khaled Mouzanar is now working on the creation of his new album, to be released soon.


Nadine Labaki is from Baabdat, but she now lives in Ashrafieh, in a house near Tabaris.

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