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We know well its streets or its main avenues: we wanted to change the perspective and look at Achrafieh from above. From the roof of the buildings, here's another look at the neighborhood.


It is the simplest of things at times, the most common to our eyes, that turn out to be the most beautiful. The twisted streets, secret stairs and disfigured walls have made Ashrafieh an eternal source of inspiration.
Open your eyes and...

Live Achrafieh 2011 Event

Live Achrafieh Music and Street Festival: its 2010 edition was a success; the 2011 Music and Street Festival of Live Achrafieh, that took place at Sassine, with many artists and surprises, made this year also the joy of all the...


The neighborhood of Achrafieh lives to the rhythm of its residents’ habits. This retired person goes each morning through Sassine Square to sit quietly in his favorite coffee shop. He even takes the chance to check his mail. Shoes and black...


There are many churches in Achrafieh, a predominantly Christian neighborhood. A mosque is also located in the neighborhood of Sodeco. Each worship place has its own history and is part of the landscape and life of the neighborhood.


Bridging tradition to modernism, Gemmayze mirrors a multicultural aspect where ambiances are as different as chalk and cheese either by night or by day. Weirdo here and even there, it’s up to you, now, to discover the few scenes that show...

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