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People -

So you’re on a date and it brings you to land at a coffee shop: Starbucks, Colombiano, Caribou, or the like around Achrafieh. So what do you do after you get your drinks and sit down?

Environment -

It seems like everywhere you turn in Achrafieh you run into pollution, whether it’s due to construction sites around every corner, loud noises from the construction or of angry drivers honking their horns, or the pungent odor of gasoline coming from certain areas.

Entertainment -

Tucked away in an alley in Monot, you can find Unplugged, a bar/pub where you can feel right at home. With a chill atmosphere and a chill group of regulars surrounding you, you can grab a beer or whatever drink you like and be yourself.

Social -

Ashrafieh isn’t just about all the big buildings, the construction sites, the restaurants, the cafes, the shopping and the laidback people. It’s not just home to thousands of residents but it’s also home to the animals. You may be saying, “Come on…animals?”...

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